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中文 Tel:+86-10-63703935

Our Values

Integrity is the basis for everything we do in work. We extol integrity and honesty, and operate in accordance with the laws and regulations. 

Endeavor to maximize risk-adjusted returns is our goal. We commit ourselves to share resource and form value chains about integration. 

We exercise care, prudence, and diligence, and seek to work diligently and to conduct business in good faith. 

Profession and efficiency is our orientation. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and pride ourselves in the quality of our work. 

To realize multi-win situation is our benefits basis. We strive to maximize our investment return on the premise of enterprises' rapid growth.


NextView Capital, specializing in equity investment, prides itself on high-caliber professionals, scientific management structure, perfect management system, and rich investment experience for Internet of Things and resources. We provide one-stop value

  • Resources & New Energy
    Resources & New Energy
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence
  • High-end Manufacturing
    High-end Manufacturing
  • Consumption Upgrade
    Consumption Upgrade
  • Health